Burger King Promo on SPIKE TV!

Burger King PromoRecently shot a Burger King Promo for Spike TV on NYC’s High Line.

Commercial is set to air during Spike TV’s Guys’ Choice Awards on June 11th.

Keep an eye out for me!

Behind a Rolling Ball

Behind A Rolling Ball Poster_2014Behind a Rolling Ball was part of the Venus/Adonis Festival at the Cabrini Rep Theatre in Manhattan. As part of the festival, we had three performances in late March and shortened this full length play to an hour. Directed by Rhonda Goldstein and written by Dan Chen, the cast featured Warren Bub (as WARREN HALE), Heather Heron (as JEN GORDON), Missy Waaland (as DANICA HALE), Megumi Haggerty (as NORA LEE LYN), and Dan Chen (as DAVE LYN).

Behind a Rolling Ball