Today I shot an industrial for BREAKTHROUGH PLUS an English language teaching aid DVD. We shot in the SOHO area of New York City and were so lucky it didn’t rain! Traffic, trucks, and general NYC banter (one which included a, shall we say disagreement?, between a chef & delivery guy) caused some comical delay, but that’s all part of living in the Big Apple.

I booked the role of an English speaker (obviously) and had to cover certain vocabulary words the students would learn in their chapters. Words such as – lively, cramped, expensive – all good words to describe NYC. I also had to use the words – excited, nervous, and pleased – which I incorporated into a funny (and unfortunately true) story about the time I cooked dinner for my parents and burned it. To be fair, I have learned from this culinary experience and although I haven’t tackled cooking fish again, I hope to in the future.

Fun and quick, this industrial shoot was a great way to kick off this Memorial Day weekend! I am grateful to both the director Todd & actress Lipica (who graciously took this photo!) and hope we can work together again in the future!