My Demo Reel

Delivery Guy (short).

It feels like I’ve spent a good portion of my life working on this demo reel when in fact, it’s only been about two weeks. Learning a new program (especially for someone who has never edited anything before) was an exhausting challenge. There are so many options! I had no idea the level of detail it took to create a smooth sequence of footage and now appreciate editors even more. It is hard work. I have spent several hours each day editing this reel and although it’s been tough, I have really enjoyed it. Learning this program has been a fascinating experience and strangely enough, I really look forward to my next editing session!

Included in this reel are some of my favorite scenes from my commercial work (College of Notre Dame MD, Norton Security), film (Behind a Rolling Ball), and a short scene I wrote called Delivery Guy.

You can watch my reel on this site or on YouTube. Thanks so much & I hope you enjoy it!